Where has my little baby gone? 

Where has my little baby gone? 

It’s such a cliché, but time with a baby really does go fast. Everyone tells you it does, but you don’t really understand until it happens to you. The past 5 months have been the quickest ones of my life and I’ve found myself getting more than a little nostalgic recently.

I’ve recently and finally felt able to look at all the pictures of us in hospital after Joseph was born, and I’m stunned that he was so small and I can’t remember him being that way! I feel like the newborn phase has gone in the blink of an eye. He was pretty alert from the start, not sure if that’s because he was almost 2 weeks overdue, but that newborn stage felt like it lasted a few days! 

It feels like he’s growing up far too quickly, and it doesn’t help when he outgrows things 2 months before I thought he would!

The moses basket in the living room for his daytime naps went at 3 months as we were waking him up all the time, and he was hitting the sides with his hands, waking himself up.

His first time in the moses basket and the other day when we gave it back to my sister in law – I couldn’t resist getting one last picture!

He outgrew the carrycot at 3.5 months and had to go into the pushchair. I was devastated when that happened as I felt my little baby wasn’t so little anymore. He does love being able to sit up and see things though. When we first put him in the pushchair we felt it lacked support around his head so we got this head support which we still use now as it looks so comfy!

He outgrew the Sleepyhead Deluxe at 4 months which was a bit shocking as it’s supposed to last until 8 months! He’s now in the Sleepyhead Grand, which looks enormous compared to the Deluxe but he sleeps so well I can’t risk him not having one! (we’ve been lucky to borrow both Sleepyheads from family).

1 week old v 4.5 months! No way would the deluxe last as long as they say!

He outgrew his crib at 4.5 months and went into his cot and his own room then, which I am still coming to terms with, although he and I both sleep better now. I was especially devastated when he stopped sleeping in his crib as it was his first bed 😢.

And he’s in clothes fit for a 6 month old already (sometimes 9 month!) and has been for a while! I love dressing him up in little outfits, but I do sometimes have to stop myself and put him in sleepsuits still as I know I won’t be able to soon. He’s still my little baby and I want him to stay that way just for a little while longer.

They are so small for such a short space of time, and I wish I had spent more time just the two of us at home doing absolutely nothing. I put a lot of pressure on myself at the beginning to get us both out of the house instead spending more time soaking up those precious fleeting moments.

I really wish I had taken more videos of him as a newborn. I have loads already but I’m so obsessed with watching them now I wish I’d recorded every moment! I love watching them back and hearing the little noises he used to make. You can’t have too many pictures or videos of your baby as once that moment is gone, it’s gone. We’re so lucky to live in an age where smartphones are around, and although I’m sure Joseph will be extremely embarrassed at all the pictures we have of him, I’ll treasure them forever.

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